Mascots started the radio communication business in early 2000 for local customers and provided solutions to clients across the country. Now it becomes the leading provider in such a field and expands all electronics and communication for private sector customers.


Data Terminal

Offers a wide range of ultra-rugged data terminals and situational awareness software solutions providing rapid integration with any HF, VHF, UHF radio network or data network.

Ruggedized Tablets

Tactical communications are critical to keeping defense and relief forces securely connected. Our devices link field forces back to the command. Combined with a satellite tracking system, our certified devices enable ground forces to track and communicate with individual vehicles on the frontline.

Radar Technology

Mascots technologies , along with OEM partners and solution providers, is able to offer the complete spectrum of capabilities applicable over a typical radar system’s life cycle.

X-ray screening machine

Voti products easily scale and adapt to organizations of any size by identifying security threats as well as loss and theft prevention.

Security Equipment

GPS / GSM Technology
Video and Night Vision Systems


Radio communication

We specialize in advanced Secure communication systems.

Satellite Communication

The NFS-I License allows for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a telecommunications network and associated facilities and infrastructure, and is considered an “all of the above” license that allows a license to engage in any telecommunications-related activity otherwise allowed under Myanmar law.

Mobile Communication Solutions

We provide VSAT services and solutions, Mobile Communication Solutions
to clients from Oil and Gas, and Telecommunications.