• Established in 1998, We have witnessed on extraordinary history of over 20 years, during which it deems its responsibility to develop trade in various areas and make great contributions to related sectors and industries in Myanmar. With its striving and endeavor, We have created many milestones in technology related sectors and trading, with its aggregated trade volume amounting to US 30 million per annum contributing to the economic and trade exchange between Myanmar and the rest of the world.
  • Since entering 21st century, We have seized the good opportunities in the face of various challenges. Through greatly executing the innovations in business and management and updating operation patterns and business philosophy, by virtue of outstanding professional talents, broader financing channels and advanced system, We are always focusing on the development of project contracting, international trade and local sales on the basis of the favorable domains of machinery, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, mining , IT, electronics and construction, constantly striving to explore the global market and having established the service and information networks covering the global main markets. With many-year development, We have already become one of Myanmar fastest growing import & export enterprises.
  • We are sincerely expecting to cooperate with its clients, prospective as well as retrospective, and other intended business or individuals, both at home and abroad.

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